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What Is The Anti-theft Effect Of The Rotary Toggle Latch? Oct 12, 2017

And now more and more people to buy a house decoration, and many people in the installation of Rotary Toggle Latch may not be too concerned about the time, that as long as the decoration style to match like, in fact, this is wrong. Many people installed Rotary Toggle Latch in fact the anti-theft performance is not very high, which gives the thief left an opportunity, so the choice of Rotary Toggle Latch is very important.
Many businesses will give you recommend aluminum alloy Rotary Toggle Latch, then this Rotary Toggle Latch anti-theft effect? Xiaobian then let everyone know about it.
We know that Rotary Toggle Latch keyhole is the shape of the key, and the shape of the key is generally a shape, cross, round and concave, for a Shaped and cross-shaped keys, the "teeth" more than the safety performance of the lock is better than the "teeth" less locks, and round and concave anti-theft effect is better than the shape and shape of the cross.
Aluminum Rotary Toggle Latch more use of concave keyhole, the anti-theft performance is also very good, so we can rest assured that the purchase of aluminum alloy Rotary Toggle Latch.
Yesterday the interior Rotary Toggle Latch manufacturers to introduce a few selection of indoor Rotary Toggle Latch skills, today we are mainly introduced in the purchase of indoor Rotary Toggle Latch before doing some preparatory work.
Indoor Rotary Toggle Latch should be prepared before the following preparations:
1, before going to the market to buy indoor Rotary Toggle Latch, first of all to their own or please statistics need to lock the door with the thickness of the door and the width of the door, so that sales staff configuration lock cylinder length and lock body width.
2, the door has a single open, double open, left and right points, so in the purchase of indoor Rotary Toggle Latch need to understand the door before the opening, so that salesperson configuration Rotary Toggle Latch open. Indoor Rotary Toggle Latch manufacturers to remind the majority of users: hinges installed on the left side of the door for the left, hinges installed on the right side of the right door.
3, to their own decoration style have a certain understanding and the color of the door should also pay attention.
4, interior doors with hardware as Rotary Toggle Latch supporting products, should be maintained with Rotary Toggle Latch design style harmony, shaping the group beauty and maintain the design of the integrity.
Under normal circumstances, the handle Rotary Toggle Latch panel installed in the door are used in the cross-slotted wood screws to fix, this kind of fixed way others can only use the cross wedge can be removed from the panel and handle damage, security Poor sex. So how do you improve the safety of the handle Rotary Toggle Latch?
We can use a special screw (composed of a square head screw and a slotted tube) instead of a cross screw to install and fix.
When the installation is in use, the square head connecting the screw with the top hole in the outer panel, with a word wedge through the handle of the word through the handle Rotary Toggle Latch inside the panel and the door spin on the square head connecting screws, so that the inner and outer panels flat On the door. This installation has the following advantages compared to wood screw mounting:
1, the panel with a square hole and square head screw with a small gap, play a good anti-rotation, anti-unloading effect, safe and reliable.
2, with wood screws to install, once removed, the door screw hole easy to damage, the original location and then install unreliable. The new screw can be re-installed in multiple places.
3, the new screw installation for a variety of materials door.
At present, the new connection screw processing technology requires a higher, so domestic use is not yet widespread.
In the home decoration, the indoor Rotary Toggle Latch is always an indispensable kind, no matter how simple we can not be decorated, can not be Jane. Modern decoration, the choice of the lock department is only practical enough, more and more people began to pay attention to beauty, pay more attention to improve the quality of life.